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For Immediate Release:


Tapas Downtown  will be closing on March 2nd 2014

Tapas Opened in 2008 on Oregon Street in downtown Redding.

Over 5 years ago Executive Chef Christine Silver took a risk at an offbeat location and introduced not just a new 

style of food but a new culture in eating in downtown  Redding .  Silver had a vision to offer a casual dining 

experience with quality food and a neighborhood atmosphere.

Many people have asked ‘What is Tapas?” and some have said “This is not a real Tapas Bar.”  

And yet so many have embraced our food, concept and culture without question or hesitation appreciating the 

creative menu with healthful ingredients and unique atmosphere.

About 40%of our guests eat with us 2-4 times a week and we still have 1st time guests almost everyday.    

 We have been involved with our guests  life moments and they have been involved in ours:  Holidays, 1st dates,

 proposals,  weddings, baby showers, births, promotions,  retirements , memorial services, graduations, 

and break ups.

 “ I would love to be here another 15 years and continue our traditions around the warmth of a good meal and 

good people but it is time for me to take a leap into the next stage in my life.”

A  staff meeting was held  to announce the news of the closure.  Emotions were high-‘ I literally choked on the words

 “I’m closing Tapas.”’ The entire staff was first shocked then  overwhelmingly   supportive of the news.

 “ I could not be Tapas without the dedication of my previous and current staff.  Bonds have been created that will 

last a lifetime.”

Over the last 6  years Christine Silver  has been involved in many culture, civic and charitable organizations  in the 

community .  She participated in downtown groups to support and grow a downtown business culture.  In 2010 she 

opened Maxwell’s Eatery which is currently owned by her sons and has become a cornerstone of the culture and 

community in downtown. 

 In 2011 she partnered to launch a web site - to create a collaborative marketing 

opportunity for all businesses downtown.  “Downtown Redding has a lot of opportunities to grow and flourish as an

 independent business community.  It takes ongoing participation and collaboration and it has been a 

real experience being apart of the growth. “

Many factors were considered when making the decision to close but the leading one is that Silver is relocating to

 Humboldt County were she will be getting married and exploring opportunities to open a new restaurant.

 “I love to cook and provide good food to people. Though it is very hard work I have grown and learned a lot.

 I am an entrepreneur at heart and will most definitely be going into business again somewhere in Humboldt”. 

 In addition to closing a business Silver will be saying goodbye to Redding where she has lived for almost 20 years.

 “I’ve raised my 4 children here,  all of them have been involved w/ the restaurants  and have strong  ties to Redding. 

I'm moving forward in life with many wonderful  memories and am very thankful for the support of my family , friends  

 and community.”

Christine Silver  is speaking to interested parties about a possible sale “I would love it if a qualified restaurateur were 

able to continue Tapas but it also may be that someone desires to create and offer something different. 

The neighborhood has great character , the building is beautiful and full of history ,  the kitchen is a chefs dream and 

Tapas has a strong customer base that will all provide a strong base for a new operator.

 I have no doubt that good things will continue here and in downtown.”   

I didn’t want to close without giving our customers notice  or the opportunity to say good bye and get their last meal  

though it will be an emotional 2 weeks  Tapas Downtown will be in full service , every day for lunch and dinner

 until its last day of service Sunday March 2nd.  

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